abstract A detail showing the differences in elevation in the portico’s floor (cf. fig. 28) using twenty colours to visualise the discrepant floor levels. The areas in purple and red show the highest areas of the floor and are mostly visible at the front of the portico. The lowest level is in dark blue and is to be found at the threshold inside the intermediate block between the portico and the rotunda. The maximum difference between the highest and lowest levels in this part of the Pantheon measures 15.70cm. The lowest points of the portico’s floor and of the whole Pantheon is located in the centre of the heavy outside walls, which can best be seen in the area of the threshold inside the intermediate block
address Bern
author Project, The Bern Digital Pantheon
editor Graßhoff, Gerd and Wäfler, Markus and Albers, Jon and Berndt, Christian
keywords Medium Visualisation Building Porticus Floor
nstandard BDPP0040-A4.pdf
repository Digital Repository of the Bern Digital Pantheon Project
timestamp 2009.05.28
title Elevation map of the portico’s ground level
year 2009

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