abstract Figure 57 shows the floor plan of the Pantheon with the niches in the rotunda numbered sequentially; figures 58 to 65 show the respective detailed views. Because of the particular spatial situation, each niche was scanned from two positions within the recess, as can be seen in figure 3, and the results were subsequently integrated into the model. The architectural decorative scheme of the Pantheon follows the usual pattern of alternating square and rounded niches, which can be found in many buildings of the Imperial period. The details show a partially translucent frontal view of a single niche taken from the point cloud to allow, where possible, the original structure to be closely inspected. The centre of each detail has a CAD longitudinal cross-section. The dotted areas in figures 58, 63 and 64 mark the point where the vaults of all the niches were open in antiquity. On the right of the details are two horizontal cross-sections through the niche, one at ground level, the other at the level of the capitals
address Bern
author Project, The Bern Digital Pantheon
editor Graßhoff, Gerd and Wäfler, Markus and Albers, Jon and Berndt, Christian
keywords Medium Plan Building Interior Niches
nstandard BDPP0057-A4.pdf
repository Digital Repository of the Bern Digital Pantheon Project
timestamp 2009.05.28
title Floor plan with sequentially numbered niches (Fine Licht 1968, p. 91, fig. 98)
year 2009

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