abstract During the 1740s the original antique façade was removed by Paolo Posi following the orders of Pope Benedict XIV. The attic was given a new stucco design, which is still visible in most parts of the building (fig. 68). The niches in the upper zone were lengthened, closed and decorated with a pediment. Large almost square frames were designed between these openings to make the attic appear more classical. While all the openings on the upper level were closed, intermediate wooden ceilings were placed in the six large niches in the lower part of the rotunda (cf. figs. 58&59, fig. 70). By comparing the drawings of Renaissance artists and architects, in particular Desgodetz and Piranesi, in the 1930s Alberto Terenzio was able to restore a single part of the old antique attic (figs. 66&67). As one can see, the earlier decorative system was more complex. The main difference lies in the materials used: while the more recent decoration was made of stucco, the earlier one was a mixture of various precious stones. A small dado follows on a horizontal geison, which is still conserved and was also used for the new decorative scheme. Above this construction came the windows and niches; these are divided on both sides by four red porphyry pilasters, each crowned by white marble Corinthian capitals. Between these pilasters are panels that are divided into three sections, the middle frame being the largest. The same tripartite system is used above the niches, but here all the frames are square and of the same size. The niches were closed with grills, composed of a lower and an upper part, each panel again divided into three sections
address Bern
author Project, The Bern Digital Pantheon
editor Graßhoff, Gerd and Wäfler, Markus and Albers, Jon and Berndt, Christian
keywords Medium Visualisation Building Interior Attic
nstandard BDPP0066.png
repository Digital Repository of the Bern Digital Pantheon Project
timestamp 2009.05.28
title Restored part of antique attic, high-resolution scan and its position marked on floor plan
year 2009

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