abstract Five rings of coffers structure the interior surface of the cupola. A horizontal slice through the five rings makes up the composite diagram. It shows the radial diameter from the central axis of the cupola through the coffers, and reveals that the highest coffers display the biggest relative change in radial distance. The indentation of the coffers into the structure of the inner sphere is about the same in absolute measures. Northern orientation is to the top
address Bern
author Project, The Bern Digital Pantheon
editor Graßhoff, Gerd and Wäfler, Markus and Albers, Jon and Berndt, Christian
keywords Medium Visualisation Plot Building Interior Cupola
nstandard BDPP0077-A4.pdf
repository Digital Repository of the Bern Digital Pantheon Project
timestamp 2009.05.28
title Orthographic projection from below the dome, showing the profiles of all the coffers
year 2009

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