abstract Measurement of the coffer rings’ angular inclinations. Unlike figure 79, the transverse cross-section runs from east to west. It reveals small differences to the cross-section running in a northerly-southerly direction because of the cupola’s slight deformation. This effect was probably not created during the construction process but is more likely the result of a settling process of the building that took place shortly after construction had been completed
address Bern
author Project, The Bern Digital Pantheon
editor Graßhoff, Gerd and Wäfler, Markus and Albers, Jon and Berndt, Christian
keywords Medium Visualisation Plan Building Interior Cupola
nstandard BDPP0080-A4.pdf
repository Digital Repository of the Bern Digital Pantheon Project
timestamp 2009.05.28
title Transverse cross-section from the east to the west through the dome, showing the different angles of the coffers
year 2009

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